Identifying Emerging Markets

Selling to key players in emerging markets can be a major source of business for the savvy broker. With our techniques, you will learn how to identify the fastest-growing industries in your area and build contact lists of potential buyers. Next, we’ll show you how to integrate your contact lists into your CRM to build a monster database of prospects. Finally, we share our best practices for selling by phone, a crucial skill for commercial brokers.

This module covers:

  • Identifying the fastest-growing industries in your market
  • How to build a Monster Database
  • Connecting to business associations
  • Networking for success
  • Identifying VIPs—Very Important Prospects
  • Contacting prospects by phone

With our experienced guidance, you will learn how to connect with key decision makers in the emerging markets of your area. Hundreds of brokers of have benefitted from our industry-specific approaches to networking and selling by phone. Let our trusted expertise become part of your strategy for developing new prospects.