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Mike Lipsey and Team have done it again, offering the industry’s most comprehensive compellation of training available for download and online viewing. 50 modules touching on an array of industry specific and key topics such as Business Development, Presentations, Selling by Phone and Team Brokerage. After purchase, all modules will be available for online viewing and download.

50 Modules, 14 Hours of Industry Leading Commercial Real Estate Video Training

Prospect more efficiently, sell better and win more business with Systems for Success 5.0. Lipsey’s Video Training Series is available for immediate viewing and will present proven strategies for elevating your practice.


  • Systems for Success 5.0 has transformed how we train our associates. From the moment, an associate joins the firm, we begin them on a weekly “Lipsey School”. Easy and convenient for them to watch.
  • I purchased Systems for Success 5.0 as a single user. The ability to have Mike at my disposal at any time has made a tremendous difference. I love that I can go back and watch the material to reinforce best practices when I need that extra push.
  • Systems for Success 5.0 is the foundation for training our newest as well as our senior associates. The videos and follow along participant guide is the perfect training solution

SFS 5.0 Sample Videos


More About Systems for Success 5.0

All New Modules. Topics and Titles Included. Available for Download and Online Viewing.

1.1 Creating the Machine
1.2 E-Innovation (E-Comps, E-Touch, E-Gift)
1.3 Leveraging Social Media – Building Your Brand
3.1 Presentations that Win (Classic and 50/50)
3.2 Needs Analysis, Discovery and the Deep Dive
3.3 Winning the Assignment with One Visual
3.4 Closing Techniques – Minor Point to Deal Swagger
5.1 Performance Leasing Plus
7.1 Team Architecture (5 Activities that Make You Money)
9.1 Understanding Trends
9.2 Prospecting with Intel
9.3 Capitalizing on Attention to Win Business
11.1 1031 on a Macro Level
11.2 Calculating Depreciation
2.1 Improving Your Call to Contact, Contact to Meeting Ratio
2.2 Research to Closing
4.1 Identifying Today’s Best Prospects
4.2 Best Practice to Forecast Occupancy Cost
4.3 Blend and Extend and Reverse Blend and Extend
6.1 Team Types: Teams, Partnerships, Alliances
6.2 Personality Insight – What Are Your Strengths
6.3 Building the Team Machine
6.4 Measuring the Team Machine and Compensation
8.1 Schedule Your Success
8.2 Sustainable Planning
10.1 About Private Owners
10.2 Ownership Types (Private)
10.3 Maximizing Value on Every Listing
10.4 Buyer Qualification
12.1 Lease vs. Own – Which is Best and for Who


Limited Time Offer. With the Purchase of Systems for Success 5.0, you will also receive Lipsey Legacy Modules touching on material that is regarded as some of Lipsey’s greatest hits! Available for Download and Online Viewing.

13.1 Negotiating Tactics (Part I)
13.2 Negotiating Tactics (Part II)
15.1 Questioning Techniques – Open Probes Closed Probes
15.2 Client Discovery and Needs Analysis – RUN CLEAR Whiteboard and More (LEGACY Module)
15.3 EXERCISE – Interviewing a Prospect
15.4 EXERCISE – Client Discovery
17.1 Emerging Markets 101
17.2 Building the Right Database
19.1 Establishing the Cap Rate
19.2 6 Step Process to Valuation
19.3 Investment Comparison
14.1 Process to Best in Class Tours
14.2 Best Practices for Tours
16.1 Introduction to Performance Leasing
16.2 Using a Measurable Process to Lease Space
16.3 Winning Business with Accountability
16.4 Pricing and Document Flexibility
18.1 Keystrokes for Calculations
20.1 Lease Types (Part I)
20.2 Lease Types (Part II)

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