Lipsey Plus

We began to record and distribute our training via audio and video back in 1984. Over the years we’ve collected more than 150 hours of training content. Our training is as relevant today as it was then.

In fact, Mike is still receiving feedback on our cassette training from 1992! During our monthly webinar training we had an associate ask if we still offered our Quantum Sales and Leasing Program for sale. It was in that moment the light bulb went off. Why not make all of our training content available in the form of streaming? From that one question Lipsey Plus was born. So, what exactly is Lipsey Plus?

Lipsey Plus is:

– An unprecedented collection of Commercial Real Estate Training
– All access video streaming of the most complete and extensive library of training in commercial real estate covering the widest range of topics
– A gold mine of best practices that can be easily implemented
– A continuously evolving library with new content developed and added frequently

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