Where in the World is Mike Lipsey?

Commercial real estate training is a passion at The Lipsey Company. As the industry’s leader in training and consulting, Mike and team travel around the world delivering onsite training programs and consulting with teams. Interested in having Mike or Tim deliver today’s best practices to you and your commercial real estate team? Give us a call today to learn more about our commercial real estate training and consulting services.


Denver, CO – Tim Rios October 01

Tampa, FL October 02

Alpha Team Webinars October 03

Lake Brantely Hall of Fame October 04

Savannah, GA October 07

National Account Webinars October 08

Columbia, SC October 09

Charlotte, NC October 10

Richmond, VA October 11

Baltimore, MD October 14

National Account Webinars October 15

New York, NY October 16

Boston, MA October 17

Nantucket, MA October 18

Nashville, TN October 21

St. Louis, MO October 22

Kansas City, KS October 23

Omaha, NE October 24

Des Moines, IA October 25

Minneapolis, MN October 28

Eagan, MN October 29

Madison, WI October 30

Chicago, IL October 31


Sales Meeting Webinars November 01

Richmond, VA November 04

National Account Webinars November 05

Annapolis, MD November 06

Annapolis, MD November 07

Baltimore, MD November 08

Tysons, VA November 11

Washington, DC November 12

Charlotte, NC November 13

Denver, CO – Tim Rios November 13

Athens, GA November 14

Jacksonville, FL November 15

Houston, TX November 18

Dallas, TX November 19

National Account Webinars November 20

Albuquerque, NM November 21

Denver, CO November 22

Denver, CO November 25

Nashville, TN November 26

Coaching Webinars – Tim Rios November 26

Orlando, FL November 27