Team Consulting

Mike you’ve been the catalyst our team needed. Our production is growing and exceeding plan.

For over 40 years, teams have consulted with Mike Lipsey on Best Practices, Sales Planning, Business Plans, Team Roles and Compensation. With Mike as the industry leading team consultant, teams are finding his relentless coaching and solutions are the perfect answers to the way forward.

Presentation Consulting

Mike we were awarded this major account. We couldn’t have done it without your guidance.

As the International Leader in Coaching for the Commercial Real Estate Industry, Mike Lipsey has been the go to coach for teams wanting to cinch the deal. Assisting in development, practice and implementation of a 50/50 presentation, Mike has taken proposals and presentations to the next level, dramatically increasing their win rates. Our Consulting /Training can be delivered on-site or through an office to office webinar.

Firm Consulting

Taking our firm to the next level was dauting but with your expertise and guidance, we’re at a level we never thought we could get to.

Training is our passion and so is consulting. The Lipsey Company has been providing firms with the way forward for over 40 years. Whether its growing your firm, succession, transitioning companies, or adding services, Mike Lipsey and Tim Rios provide the path to reaching your goals.

Coaching Services

The Lipsey Company has been providing our clients with customized training and consulting for over 40 years.

We’re delighted to offer personalized one-on-one training with our Chief Learning Officer Tim Rios.

Custom quality at a one-size-fits-all investment. Combine the best, time-tested principles of the Commercial Real Estate Business and the uniqueness of your market and specialty. Limited to only a small handful of clients, this program accesses our decades of combined experience and the information of over 200 courses; delivered in a way that is unique to you. Are you ready for the most customized, hands-on training in the commercial real estate industry? Inquire today!

Jumpstart Program

  • Designed for those under 12 months in the business
  • Territory selection and refinement
  • Database design, creation, and implementation
  • CRM integration and best practices
  • Commercial Real Estate specific sales skills
  • Regular role playing
  • Qualifying prospects and opportunities
  • Deal support
    • Pricing
    • Marketing
    • Negotiating
    • Escrow Management
  • Regular accountability

Next-Level Coaching

  • Logical paths to business expansion
  • Sales skill development for sophisticated clients
  • Team expansion consulting
  • Best practices from all over North America
  • Ongoing deal support and accountability
  • Advanced Time Management skills

Principals & Senior Team Leaders

  • Market coverage and deployment plans
  • Creation and enhancement of culture and morale
  • Best team motivation practices
  • Team Member on-boarding and training programs
  • Providing fulfillment and meaningful career paths for your team
  • The systems and mindset of the best leaders in Commercial Real Estate
  • Clarity and support for your long-term goals (e.g. expansion, franchising, retirement)