Persistence in Prospecting

Tim Rios  /   October 19, 2023

Imagine you are sitting at your desk in the middle of a workday, and your phone rings. On the other end of the line is a plumber in your area. They say, “Hello, how are you today? I’m calling because my records show your water heater is eight years old and it may be time to (more…)

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Reinvigorate Your Business Development

Tim Rios  /   June 13, 2023

The history of commercial real estate has consistently demonstrated one fact – no matter how many headwinds a market faces, the number of deals never goes to zero. In every cycle there will always be tenants, buyers, sellers, and lenders. However, in a challenging market, there are two truths that many brokers face:


    1. The deals are significantly harder to find
    2. While the market may not go to zero deals, your core clients may very well be on the sidelines permanently.

There is a good chance you find yourself in the position of needing to significantly up your business development game. (more…)

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effective sales cadence for commercial real estate practitioners

Tips for an Effective Sales Cadence

Jenifer Winningham  /   May 11, 2023

We’ve all experienced it. Repetitive calls from salespeople who just won’t leave us alone. As a commercial real estate broker, calling prospects and finding leads is crucial to our success. With that said, how can we ensure that we’re not a bothersome salesperson to our prospects? Listening to Mike Lipsey and Tim Rios over the years I’ve learned a thing or two on how to develop an effective sales cadence for commercial real estate practitioners that feels natural and inviting not vexing. (more…)

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Surviving and Thriving in Commercial Real Estate

Tim Rios  /   May 1, 2023

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Hayim Mizrachi of MDL Group in Las Vegas. Hayim is not only an outstanding commercial real estate broker, but also a talented podcaster. During our time together, we discussed tips for surviving (more…)

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commercial real estate CRM

Keeping Up with Your Database

Jenifer Winningham  /   April 12, 2023

I’ve learned that keeping your commercial real estate CRM clean is essential for maintaining accurate and reliable information. Here are some best practices that I find helpful in ensuring that your data stays clean:

  1. Establish data entry standards. Create a set (more…)
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How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

Jenifer Winningham  /   March 9, 2023

Mike Lipsey recently joined John Powell, President of Phoenix Commercial Properties, LLC on their first #Podcast, Commercial Real Estate Matters. Mike discusses how you can succeed in #commercialrealestate as a broker. Commercial brokers have a unique (more…)

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The Shoe Matters

Jenifer Winningham  /   September 7, 2022

During college I worked at Quiet Flight Surf Shop at Universal Orlando Resort’s City Walk. Oh, those were the days! I absolutely loved my job. Talking to new people every day, helping them find what they came in looking for, training new associates, learning how to manage properly, creating my own training tools, etc. (more…)

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The Perfect Day

Tim Rios  /   February 22, 2022

Perfect is a word I’ve grown to dislike over the years. For many, it is not a standard; it is a cop out. In the never-ending quest for “perfection” they either never finish or spend too much time chasing incremental improvements with little value. (more…)

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Put The Service Sign In Front of The Dollar Sign

Tim Rios  /   March 30, 2020

My Dad was a great salesperson. I had the regular privilege of close proximity to him while he was conducting business. The lessons I learned from him go back 40 years.<!–more–> One that seems especially relevant now is, “put the service sign in front of the dollar sign, (more…)

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Standing Out Among the Competition

Jenifer Winningham  /   March 22, 2018

The advancement of technology has been advantageous for commercial real estate. Our clients are more aware of what is available to them, what they want, know how and when they want it done. (more…)

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