effective sales cadence for commercial real estate practitioners

Jenifer Winningham  /   May 11, 2023

Tips for an Effective Sales Cadence

We’ve all experienced it. Repetitive calls from salespeople who just won’t leave us alone. As a commercial real estate broker, calling prospects and finding leads is crucial to our success. With that said, how can we ensure that we’re not a bothersome salesperson to our prospects? Listening to Mike Lipsey and Tim Rios over the years I’ve learned a thing or two on how to develop an effective sales cadence for commercial real estate practitioners that feels natural and inviting not vexing.

  1. First develop a personalized communication strategy. Every prospect is unique, and it’s essential to tailor your communication strategy to their specific needs and preferences. For instance some prospects might prefer phone calls, while others might prefer emails or text messages. It’s important to understand their communication preferences and use the most effective method for each individual.
  1. Second use a CRM tool. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can help you keep track of your prospects and their contact information, communication history, and specific needs. By using a CRM, you can organize and streamline your communication efforts, ensuring that you don’t forget to follow up with any prospects. As Mike says the best CRM to use is the one you’ll USE!
  1. Equally important is to send valuable content. To stay top of mind, easy to find with prospects, it’s key to provide them with valuable information that helps them stay informed and make informed decisions. This content could include market reports, industry news, case studies, and insights into trends that impact their specific business. Discover industry leading best practices in accomplishing an eTouch campaign in our Business Development Machine.
  1. In addition, offer assistance and support. Prospects want to work with someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive. Offer to answer any questions they have, provide them with additional information, and be a resource they can turn to for guidance and support.
  1. Finally utilize regular follow ups. Consistency is key in the commercial real estate industry. Regular follow-ups help to build relationships and keep your business top of mind with your prospects. Create a schedule to follow up with your prospects regularly, whether it’s monthly or quarterly, and stick to it. This shows your commitment to their needs and helps to build trust over time. Tim is the absolute expert on this and shares his insight into developing an effective sales cadence for commercial real estate practitioners our Schedule Your Success training module.

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