The Business Development Machine

Creating an autonomous commercial real estate practice doesn’t happen overnight. Mike’s Lipsey’s Business Development Machine lays the foundation for you to create a machine without the stop-start-stop-start dance. Master leading best practices of business development through Mike’s proven strategies on how to keep transaction management going while developing new business.

Throughout The Business Development Machine, we’ll introduce a series of best practices such as:

  • Which CRM – Selecting and Implementing the right one and using it to engage prospects.
  • Electronic footprint – e-touch, e-gift, e-comp, social media, and which eblast service
  • Print – Various mailer, flier and postcard examples and how to target
  • Personalized approach – Hand written notes, calls, drop ins, referrals
  • Major Accounts – Which associations to join, Lipsey’s 55, direct mail campaigns
  • Expand – Create a comprehensive campaign to provide additional services to your clients

By following Mike’s formula, you will be able to dramatically increase your business development results.