Jenifer Winningham  /   March 22, 2018

Standing Out Among the Competition

The advancement of technology has been advantageous for commercial real estate. Our clients are more aware of what is available to them, what they want, know how and when they want it done. Potential clients can find a practitioner faster than ever before. With thousands of options before them, how do we stand out in the muck?

For a prospect to find you in ways other than the trusted yellow pages, you must first establish your electronic footprint. Mike Lipsey’s Business Development Machine helps us lay down the foundation to do just that. An electronic footprint provides us with a solid online presence allowing prospects to find us. As Mike points out our phone is ringing in more ways than one. Current prospects and clients can access us via our office phone, cell phone, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, our website, e-blast services, YouTube, and more.

One of the easiest ways to begin your electronic footprint is to create a website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook page. This gives you a medium to connect with clients and prospects alike and will help you in establishing an SEO strategy. The formula for SEO is continuously evolving requiring you to be committed to your strategy and to think outside the box. In today’s bustling world this first step can seem monumental. Most likely you won’t see your ROI in your first immediate efforts and often we find teams and practitioners giving up because it seems to be “too much work”. Remember there are companies out there who can assist you. ML Jordan is a wonderful commercial real estate marketing firm who specializes in just that among much more.

With your electronic footprint set in the digital world, you are ready to begin with a successful e-touch, e-comp, e-gift campaign. Let the race begin!

– Jenifer Winningham, Chief Administrative Officer, The Lipsey Company

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