Negotiating to Win

The objective of a skilled negotiator is to reach a resolution as efficiently as possible while securing a great deal for their client. Throughout their careers, brokers will encounter many negotiation tactics which could potentially slow their transactions to a crawl and diminish the value of their deals.

In this module, Mike shares negotiation insights gained from over 35 years in the commercial real estate industry. They include:

  • The Parent, The Adult, and The Child – Understanding emotional states in negotiation
  • How to respond to emotional arguments with reason
  • Understanding the Negotiating Continuum
  • Recognizing and neutralizing 14 negotiation tactics
  • Transitioning from negotiating to closing
  • Understanding the settlement range

Great negotiators play to win, and their understanding of the tools and tactics of the trade help them secure more value for their clients. In Negotiating to Win, we explain common tactics to help you identify them, neutralize them, and succeed in negotiation.