Win More Tenant Rep Assignments

More than half of new commercial real estate professionals are trying their hand at tenant representation, and it’s no wonder why. With the potential for higher commission and greater deal velocity, it’s quickly becoming one of the most competitive segments of the industry. Through extensive research, Mike Lipsey has identified the best practices of tenant reps who dominate their local markets.

In this module, he shares his insight into:

  • Why more brokers are choosing tenant representation
  • The one thing all phenomenal tenant rep brokers have in common
  • Two things tenants reps should bring into every presentation
  • Building effective electronic campaigns
  • Prospecting tools to win more assignments
  • Using Industry Rent to Revenue Ratios to guide clients with knowledge of their local market
  • Using the Dollars to Occupy Ratio to give clients realistic estimations of costs
  • Differentiate between various market proposals to compare space present values

Seasoned and young brokers alike have consistently praised this program as insightful, practical, and effective. With more than 35 years in the industry, Mike has trained thousands of tenant rep brokers to be more effective, win more deals, and differentiate themselves from the competition.