The Perfect Tour

Imagine the perfect tour. Your potential tenants would fall in love with the space. Your team would make a fabulous impression. Most importantly, it would generate a proposal. The Perfect Tour will help you to do just that. With our approach, you will conduct a thorough needs analysis as you tour the space and sell the features of your listing to meet the client’s needs.

The Perfect Tour covers:

  • The Perfect Tour Team
  • The 10 Sales Steps to the Perfect Tour
  • Describing The Perfect Tour in your listing presentation
  • Selling features and benefits of the space
  • Conducting needs analyses during the tour
  • Increasing the likelihood of generating a proposal from a tour
  • Standing out from the competition

Tours are a chance to make a memorable, positive impression on potential tenants. With our trusted and effective approach, you can seize the tour as the perfect opportunity to sell your listing and generate a proposal. Our hope is that you will be the clear choice above your competitors.