Closing Techniques

After conducting a thorough needs analysis, making a fantastic presentation, and crunching the numbers, it may be time to close the deal. It is a critical moment. Brokers must quickly identify the close that will get the potential buyer to sign on the dotted line. With our advice, closing can become a natural extension of the conversation about the clients’ needs.

In this module we’ll cover:

  • The Closing Continuum
  • 12 closing techniques – How and when to use them
  • Using the needs analysis in closing
  • Mike’s favorite closing technique
  • The Deal Swagger Close – How legendary brokers close deals

After 35 years in the commercial real estate industry, we have learned that the best closing technique is the one that fits your client’s personality and needs. With our proven advice, you will be able to identify the most effective technique for your client and win the deal.