Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is no longer unique to the number-crunchers; these are skills that are required throughout the organization. A thorough mastery of financial literacy (investment principles and techniques, property evaluation, cost comparison, forecasting income and analyzing investment potential) is essential for today’s commercial real estate practitioner striving to meet clients’ ever-increasing complex needs.

This module is customized to meet your firm’s needs, our financial literacy modules can cover:

  • Articulating Key Financial Terms
  • Calculating Dollars to Occupy Ratio
  • Present Value of a Lease
  • Lease Comparison, Blend & Extend
  • Bakke Lipsey
  • Modeling Cash Flows
  • Market Leasing Assumptions
  • Key Financial Concepts
  • Calculations for Commercial Real Estate
  • Lease Negotiations – Settlement Range

To meet the financial objectives of their clients, it is critical that the practitioner is aware of market developments and possesses the specialized financial tools of analysis necessary to cope with ever changing market conditions.