Performance Leasing

The crux of performance leasing is simple – create a plan of measurable, specific action for leasing a space, and empower landlords to evaluate your performance. With this model, clients receive a commitment of time, effort, and service. In exchange, brokers may receive additional compensation. Brokers who use this method win more business, lease more space, and dominate their competition.

In this module, we explain the ins and outs of:

  • Creating a Performance Leasing plan
  • Presenting a Performance Leasing plan to win assignments
  • Receiving recognition and compensation for your efforts
  • Empowering landlords with confidence in your performance
  • Recording and measuring activity
  • Increasing net operating income
  • Create measurable goals for leasing a space

We have trained thousands of brokers across the globe, and we’ve noticed a pattern. Brokers with a plan dominate those who do not. Performance Leasing is not only a best practice for winning assignments, it is an incredible method for closing more deals in less time.