Presentations that Win

Presentations That Win is one of The Lipsey Company’s most sought-after programs. Commercial real estate practitioners find the task of communicating effectively and persuasively to win business to be particularly daunting, making it a challenge for most teams.  Prospects and clients will judge the effectiveness and strength of a team by its presentation. With so much at stake, this is your team’s opportunity to showcase their market knowledge and best practices that will make the difference in winning this business opportunity.

Mike provides expert, industry-specific, advice which will enable you to rise above the competition and win more business.

  • Perform an effective client discovery and needs analysis
    • White boarding session
    • Use of webinars
    • Developing a client centric agenda
  • Create a powerful 50/50 Yellow Pad Presentations
    • Develop the 5 sections of a presentation: structured, yellow pad and morph
  • Engage clients as your present
    • The 4 C’s: Comfortable, Confident, Concise, Conversational
    • Use of Placemats, Playbills, PowerPoint, IPad and Android devices
  • Taking your visuals to the next level with punch that makes the difference
  • Improving the skills of individual presenters and how they are combined to make an effective team presentation
  • Ensuring the presentation is client centric – NO books!